Ex Forces

Ex Forces

Ex Forces personnel have made and continue to make a massive contribution to Britain today. In board rooms, building sites or production lines - in fact, in ANY workplace - Ex-Military make a difference. They are continually working to help businesses just like yours to grow.

Our Recruitment lead served in the British army before making the jump to into the world of recruitment.

The government spends millions of pounds each year training and developing our forces in leadership, risk management, and thousands of unique technical roles.

For example, an Infantry Senior non-commissioned Officer will have over ten years in managing a large group of diverse soldiers in high-risk environments. They look after the day-to-day wellbeing of the soldiers and commands during intense battle scenarios and operations making them some of the best Project Managers in the world, once they transition into civilian life.

We will champion Ex Forces whenever possible because they deserve that extra help moving from our forces into the civilian world.

Typical roles we Recruit for: