TOGIP Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) – you pay for what you use.

Breaking the recruitment agency business model is our promise to you. It is what makes us unique and why we stand out from the recruitment crowd.

For far too long, businesses such as yours hold onto individuals despite knowing they are not the best fit for your organisation. Due to the upfront cost incurred whilst recruiting and the fear that the money spent cannot be recovered beyond the probation period, businesses are often left with sub-optimal hires for a prolonged period until the inevitable happens. With this comes the recruiter’s token gesture of reduced fees to find you the replacement. However, the money has already gone.

Having been in this very situation ourselves, TOGIP has launched their Recruitment as a service business model. You pay for what you use.

We can recruit for you across a vast range of sectors, including marketing, finance, IT, software development, HR, sales, customer service, and ex-Forces.

Our unique subscription-based pricing model is fully inclusive of our full range of services

  • Face-to-face meetings to discuss your candidate requirements.
  • Comprehensive role profiling.
  • Complete shortlist of candidates.
  • Targeted and personalised advertising campaigns.
  • On-site candidate interviews from our prestigious offices where appropriate.
  • Social media screening of candidates.
  • After placement support and candidate job counselling.

How it works

To use TOGIP Recruitments RaaS platform, we request an initial One-Off Membership Registration Fee of £499.00 plus VAT. This fee is paid once and will not be invoiced again.

The only time we will invoice you after that is once we have successfully placed a candidate.

On successfully finding you a candidate from our pool of job seekers, we will invoice you monthly based on the scale below for a period of 36 months.

Up to
Up to
Up to

At any time in the agreed Term, you may opt and offer to “buy out” the outstanding monthly subscriptions remaining on the Term at a discounted rate of 20%.

If the candidate leaves your employment under their own accord at any time, you will NOT be required to pay the remainder of the candidate’s subscription. In addition to this, should you wish to terminate the candidate’s employment you will NOT pay any fees beyond their last payslip.

By working in this way, we believe we remove the up-front payment risk for you whilst securing your loyalty to facilitate your wider Recruitment needs knowing there is no financial loss for replacing recruitment agency-based employees.

Recruiting as a Service, empowering your business.